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Yammer is relatively new and is funded by two venture capital funds; Founders Fund and Charles River Ventures. It also is a very clever idea to get some of the instant messaging benefits of Twitter and apply them to a closed corporate environment. As a private communications tool, Yammer is effective since the user doesn’t have to spam everyone. They simply post it to their own company view of Yammer. The user can also look at profiles of other employees to learn more about them. The profile will include a photo, background information and they are working on. Just like Twitter, the user can follow their fellow employees to get updates. The user can search any topic and see what the other employees had to say about it. Users can receive updates anywhere due to the iPhone and Blackberry updates. Yammer also has a desktop application which looks a lot like Tweetdeck ... (more)

Social Media Scouts

There is so much discussion about social media happening right now that it can be a little daunting. Think about all of the text that has been devoted to the topic, the podcasts and the videos that are trying to teach all of us how to be successful. The truth is no one is a "guru" or expert in the known use of the word. What we have is a few people that are able to take the time to learn faster than others because they are focused on the topic. Some of them have the benefit of being with large analyst organizations and this is all they do because the analyst organizations knows it's a hot topic. Instead of Social Media Experts, perhaps they should be called Social Media Scouts. So many times I see a video by an "expert" and they are telling me about something they learned in the last few days. My view is that a few days advantage on the rest of us hardly makes one an... (more)

Matt Cutts Kills Internal Pagerank Sculpting With Nofollow?

Free Search Engine Optimisation Tips By Hobo. Matt Cutts Kills Internal Pagerank Sculpting With Nofollow? Google’s Matt Cutts is attempting to clarify PR Sculpting using Nofollow for the rest of us after the recent hulabaloo surrounding his comments at a SEO conference a short time ago.I’d long fell out of love with PR sculpting internal pages using nofollow as the results were not worth it for me on the sites I worked on (some are quite large) – last April I posted this about PR sculpting: As I have said, I’ve been playing about with rel=”nofollow” on this site for 4 months, and in all honesty, in future, I won’t be relying on nofollow to sculpt unimportant pages out of any possible link graph, just optimising those pages better, or leaving them out altogether, like I used to do in 1999. It can be a useful tool in a site redevelopment, but from here on in, I’ll be... (more)

My First Day at Stanford Learning to Program the iPhone

Before the registrar at Stanford writes me a cease and desist letter, let me state that I am not a student at Stanford. Rather I have downloaded the 17 lectures and 3 supplemental sessions of the CS193P course entitled iPhone Application Development from Open Stanford. According to an article published on the Stanford web site ( there have been more than a million downloads of the videos and course material. This course ran from April 1, 2009 till June 8, 2009. You can get the course material in a number of ways. At the ITunes Store just search for ‘Stanford iPhone’ and it should be the first course shown in the iTunes U box. You can also download the material from the course web site at While iTunes has all the lectures and slides, the Stanford site... (more)

Stress & Load Testing Web Apps (Even ADF & Apex) Using Apache JMeter

A couple of years ago I presented Take a load off! Load testing your Oracle Apex or JDeveloper web applications at OOW and AUSOUG. I can't recommend enough the importance of stress testing your web applications, it's saved my bacon a number of times. Frequently as developers, we develop under a single user (developer) model where concurrency issues are easily avoided. When our programs hit production, with just 1 more user, suddenly our programs grind to a halt or fall over in bizarre places. Result, pie on developers' faces, users' faith in new technologies destroyed, and general gnashing of teeth all round. Some simple stress and load tests can head off problems way before they hit production. (For the remainder of this post I'll infer "stress testing" and "load testing" as the same thing, though strictly speaking one tests for your application falling over, and t... (more)

First Rule About SEO Fight Club

There is a reason I don’t have clients I work for plastered all over my site, or home page, even though it would probably help us make new sales. There’s a reason I don’t take linkbacks from SEO clients from their site to boost my own sites ranking in Google even though I’m missing a big trick SEO companies use to rank their own sites. We only take linkbacks from web design clients and even then sometimes I nofollow it and usually today we use Hobo or Hobo-web as the linkback (purely because that direct link can mean sales if people like that site).There’s a reason we only host clients we design and build (or maintain) websites for, not linkbuild to, on our servers today. There’s a reason you should never ever talk in public or private forums about getting SEO done on your site (unless it’s just that, onsite search engine optimisation). That reason is Google. Googl... (more)

I Spent A Year Adding Content & My Competitors Nicked My Rankings

A quick follow up to my SEO fight club article, and somewhat tongue in cheek. I just spent a year adding original content which people have told me is really useful, getting relevant links from those in my niche, going for quality of links rather than quantity of crap links, not keyword stuffing, staying within Google guidelines, not buying links from crappy host companies in far-away-lands, nofollowing links to bad neighbourhoods, not hiding text or links, preventing Google’s index being spammed, not using my client sites to promote my own rankings. Some of my competitors now rank above me with cheap exact match domains, regurgitated content, no relevant links, crap links, keyword stuffing, flouting Google guidelines, buying links from crappy host companies in far-away-lands, links to bad neighborhoods, hiding text and links, spamming Google’s index, using client s... (more)

The Software Publisher is Dead...Long Live the Download!

It's no secret that software has all but disappeared from traditional retail stores. Over the last few years even the most successful software publishers have experienced catastrophic performance from 'bricks and mortar' retail. The economic climate hasn't helped either, but for software it gets worse! Add the lack of retail availability to the fact users can purchase directly from developers in just a few clicks and it's obvious why traditional publishing models are no longer relevant. Former FastTrak Software Publishing CEO and Avanquest Corporate Director Jon Silvera has developed and launched a unique reseller platform into what he believes is one of the most exciting emerging markets available. "There's no doubt people want to buy software," says Silvera, "but the marketplace has changed dramatically with customers having little choice where to buy from. The cat... (more)

Would You Jump Off a Cliff Just Because The Other Guy Did?

Remember your Mom's response to that justification? If your folks were like mine, it probably went something along the lines of "So does that mean you'd jump off a cliff just because the other guy did?" Business is no different - or at least it shouldn't be. Market leadership is not about being just like everyone else.  Leadership is about defining (or clarifying) who and what our companies are, what value we bring and why that matters. It's about doing things that are special for our customers. Market leadership is about being unique. We've all read book after book about the ingredients of leadership, listened to the consultants tell us how to be leader, even claimed to find our leadership path.  Yet how many of us are conscious leaders, rather than subconscious followers? Take our obsession with the competition. We point toward a competitive loss and proclaim that... (more)

What if God Texted the Ten Commandments?

CEOs are known for flawless communication, right? We understand their ideas and can execute on them. Well, depends on the communication vehicle they select. When leaders speak or write, we have the chance to capture the flavor and nuances of their communication: in depth insights. But with Twitter and text messaging, some of that brilliance and subtly can get lost. Corporate mission statements in 140 characters? Hmmm...maybe not a bad idea. But for critical communications, perhaps social media is not the best choice. In a wonderfully creative post, Jamie Quatro at Mcseeenys posted what a CEO's strategy might look like in text. BTW, the CEO happens to be God. So how would God communicate his vision and strategy for mankind, i.,e the Ten Commandments, if he had to use text? Here is Jamie's wickedly inventive text version of the Big 10: 1. no1 b4 me. srsly. 2. ... (more)

Google Apps Reseller Model Is a Big Fat Joke!

I just watched Google’s Jeff Ragusa’s video clip explaining the Google Apps reseller model. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought the Just for Laughs Festival I attend every year started early. Here is the big joke: Google is offering a whopping 20% of the Google Apps revenue generated by the Channel for directing their customers to Google’s coffers. For those of you that don’t know yet, let me give you the math: Google charges $50 per year per user for access to Google Apps. Gee Goog, you shouldn’t have. I mean really! A cool $10 per year for every user I hand over? Where do I sign up for this cash bonanza! The financial scraps approach to building a Channel play and my sarcasm aside, this is where it appears Google is dealing from the bottom of the deck when it comes to the Channel: You are giving up the control over the operation of your customer most... (more)