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Top Cloud Computing Solutions People are Looking For in 2009

This is the summary of Survey conducted by onCloudComputing in which the participants were asked only one simple question “What they are looking for in 2009 in relation to Cloud Computing”. So we can also call the following as “Cloud Computing Trends 2009”

1. Google Cloud Computing
Google has invested heavily in online storage and cloud computing. Google went from a happy consumer of open source to an active contributor to open source on a very big scale. Google already lets people port some of their personal data to the Internet and use its Web-based software.

2. Amazon Cloud Computing
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (also known as "EC2") is a commercial web service that allows customers to rent computers on which to run their own computer applications. EC2 allows scalable deployment of applications by providing a web services interface through which a customer can create virtual machines, i.e. server instances, on which the customer can load any software of their choice.

3. Microsoft Cloud Computing
Microsoft provides products, technologies and offerings around public and private (Azure) clouds, each based on the concepts of being highly virtualized, managed in a consistent manner, dynamic and elastic scalability, and focused on the delivery of services to the user.

4. IBM Cloud Computing
IBM’s provides task-specific cloud computing. The company is set to offer business processes as cloud services, virtual desktop as a service, which would allow businesses to deliver desktops virtually. There are also plans cloud-based services such as business analytics and data storage.

5. Cloud Grid computing
Grid computing has been used in environments where users make few but large allocation requests. Cloud computing really is about lots of small allocation requests.

6. Ubuntu Cloud Computing
Ubuntu provides “Ubuntu Server Edition” for use on a public cloud and for building a own private cloud environment on servers, it offers “Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud”. Ubuntu help organizations to migrate to a cloud environment through Consultancy, Deployment services and Support

7. Cloud Computing Sun
Sun Cloud is an on-demand Cloud computing service operated by Sun Microsystems. The Sun Cloud Compute Utility at provides access to a substantial computing resource over the Internet. It is based on and supports open source technologies such as Solaris 10, Sun Grid Engine, and the Java platform.

8. VMware Cloud Computing
VMware vCloud cloud solution brings together leading technology from VMware, a huge ecosystem of technology and cloud service providers, and compatibility for all the applications living in the cloud, on or off premise.

9. Cloud Computing Security
Security is one of the biggest concerns of businesses in any form. Is it dangerous to have your spreadsheets on Google’s. Securing the data is key to a cloud service provider's business

10. Free Cloud Computing
“All the best things in world are for Free”. With cloud computing being the new buzz word of the internet, everyone is trying to grab a free demo.

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